Achieving Relevance, Skills at New DC Community College

The photo is of an advertising display at the Van Ness/UDC Metro station in Washington, D.C., promoting the University of the District of Columbia and — the more exciting development from the point of view of manufacturers — the Community College of the District of Columbia.

It’s a timely display, given Northrop Grumman’s announcement it’s moving the corporate headquarters to Northern Virginia.

The Community College was founded in January 2009 as a two-year institution to oversee associate degree programs and technical training. As CEO Jonathan Gueverra said at last year’s convocation, “It is important for the business community to realize and to recognize this community college is, and can, and will be one of its best friends here in the District, and that together we can build a world-class institution that can provide them with just about all of its needs.”

And there’s recent, big news for the Community College, “CCDC Announces New Campus Location“:

Washington, D.C., April 23, 2010 – The Community College of the District of Columbia is pleased to announce the development of a new campus center at 801 North Capitol Street, just two blocks from Union Station. With the city council’s approval of the property lease on April 22, CCDC will immediately begin building out the nine-story, 88,000-square-foot space and plans to start classes and offer student services for Fall 2010. …

“We will build a state-of-the-art educational hub for our students, staff, and the broader community in a prime location near Metro, the U.S. Capitol, and numerous federal and District agency headquarters,” said Dr. Jonathan Gueverra, CEO of CCDC. “The space will be designed to enhance student success and meet a variety of academic and community needs.”

Good luck!

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