Vitamin D Critical to Good Health; New Tax Hits Tanning Salons

By March 29, 2010Health Care, Taxation

NPR’s “Morning Edition” news magazine this morning carried a segment about doctors who now regard Vitamin D deficiency as a major health problem in the United States, but one easily treated.

“There’s overwhelming evidence … that increasing your vitamin D intake can make substantial improvement in your overall health and welfare,” says Dr. Michael Holick of Boston University. “And there is no downside to increasing your vitamin D intake. As a result I think that most people are now getting on the bandwagon.

Holick is leading the band. Forty years ago, he discovered the active form of the vitamin, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D. He has written several popular books on the subject and has another one, The Vitamin D Solution, coming out next month. Its cover calls vitamin D deficiency “our most common health problem.”

Meanwhile, in the new health care bill…

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