Union Wish List? UNION jobs, UNION jobs, UNION jobs

By March 25, 2010Labor Unions

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a story Wednesday discussing the agenda of organized labor leaders in Washington. Unfortunately, this piece unquestioningly accepts their description their agenda as being focused on job creation. The reality is, labor leaders have advanced an anti-growth, anti-competitiveness agenda for more over a year now. This agenda seeks to increase union membership to the detriment of workers’ rights while promoting union-only jobs funded at taxpayer expense.

Organized labor’s priorities include:

  • Passage of the anti-democratic Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), which would cost 600,000 jobs in the first year alone
  • A radical overhaul of the National Labor Relations Board to implement aspects of the jobs-killing EFCA
  • Expanding the application of Davis-Bacon wages for federal construction programs
  • Promoting union-only labor for federal contracts through so-call “Project labor agreements”
  • Enacting federal policies to encourage unionization through misguided posting requirements for the employees of federal contractors
  • Government mandated paid leave, included in the Healthy Families Act
  • Counterproductive and unnecessarily aggressive OSHA enforcement that further burdens employers and does little to improve workplace safety
  • Advancing costly ergonomics regulations
  • Opposition to free trade agreements despite the proven job-creation benefits of expanding exports

If union leaders are looking for ideas on how to work with employers and policymakers to enhance our competitiveness and create jobs I recommend they read the recently released Milken Report.

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