Ozone Overreach, Ohio Objects

By March 25, 2010Energy, Regulations

Good, basic journalism by The Cleveland Plain Dealer and reporter Michael Scott to survey the reaction of local Ohio officials to the EPA’s proposed new, lower ozone standard, “State, local air quality officials spar with U.S. EPA over proposed tougher smog standards.” Some excerpts:

Bob Hodanbosi, the Ohio EPA chief of the Division of Air Pollution Control: “The U.S. EPA is trying to make us do too much, too quickly.”

Ohio EPA Director Chris Korleski, in a letter to EPA: “”The Ohio EPA is unaware of any new study or piece of scientific evidence that did not exist in 2008 that compels the setting of an even lower standard.”

Lake County Commissioner Dan Troy: “My understanding is that these new targets would be hard to achieve if we were in the Grant Tetons. At what point do you keep trying to reduce a number toward a goal you can’t reach? …Frankly, you’re not going to get to those numbers with the technology we have now — unless you totally do away with gasoline-powered internal combustion engine. I don’t think we’re there yet.”

Akron Beacon-Journal, “Ohio EPA opposes tighter ozone limit
Southeast Missourian, “EPA may change air quality rules, regional planner says
Fremont (Neb.) Tribune, “Dodge County could be impacted by EPA regulations

You would think there’d be more coverage of the issue.

The National Association of Manufacturers submitted comments to the EPA objecting to the proposed standard. For more Shopfloor coverage, click here.

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