NLRB Recess Appointment Would Tell Big Labor that Threats Work

By March 3, 2010Labor Unions

From Associated Press, “Solis hints of recess appointment for labor board“:

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Obama administration is hinting at a possible recess appointment for a controversial nominee to the National Labor Relations Board.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis told AFL-CIO officials at their annual meeting Wednesday there will soon be positive news on the long-stalled nomination of union lawyer Craig Becker.

Solis then told reporters the unions will be “very pleased” with how the issue is resolved.

Becker is associate counsel for the SEIU and AFL-CIO who has advocated eliminating any employer involvement — things like expressing an opinion — if a union tries to organize a business. Organized labor has pushed for his appointment to the NLRB with several union leaders saying the board could implement parts of the Employee Free Choice Act without Congressional action.

So, yes, labor would be very pleased. And the Big Labor bosses would conclude that political threats work. From the Feb. 19Wall Street Journal, “Unions Push White House to Appoint Becker“:

United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard also wanted a so-called recess appointment—which bypasses the requirement for Senate confirmation—for Mr. Becker, and warned Democrats Thursday that failure to move on labor priorities could cost them in the 2010 elections. “If we don’t get meaningful progress, it will be hard to get people out for the election,” Mr. Gerard said. “Lots of people who worked real hard in ’08 don’t have a job right now.”

A recess appointment could occur as early as the next Senate break, the Easter/Passover recess from April 6-17.

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