Manufacturers Submit Comments on EPA’s Ozone Overreach

The long arm of the EPA, which is always overreaching.

Immediately below we note the recent release from the Environmental Protection Agency documenting the continued, dramatic improvements in air quality — an important report in light of the EPA’s proposed regulations to throttle the economy with a new, lower standard for ground-level ozone.

The comment period on the proposed rules closed Monday, March 22, drawing vigorous input from 23 state manufacturing and business associations. The National Association of Manufacturers also submitted comments, which are available here. As the NAM notes, the national air quality standards for ground-level ozone were already lowered in 2008, imposing multibillion costs on industry, other businesses and local governments. Now the EPA wants to change the standard again?

The long arm of the EPA, which gives it leverage to pull the carpet out of under the economy.

The NAM’s submission concludes:

Manufacturers oppose revision of the 2008 ozone standard within the range proposed by EPA. Industry and federal, state and local regulators are working diligently to implement the current ozone standard and other rules pursuant to the CAA, all of which have reduced average ozone concentrations nationwide by more than 20 percent since the 1980s. EPA’s current programs are therefore fulfilling the EPA’s mission to protect environmental quality and public health. The manufacturing sector and its millions of U.S. workers urge the EPA not to lower the standard and reject options that will lead to a more stringent regulation. The NAM urges the EPA to only issue proposals that will capitalize on the manufacturing sector’s demonstrated record of technological innovation that continues to improve the quality of life for all Americans.

For more background on the ozone standard from the NAM, please click here.

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