Just 2 Years Ago, AFL-CIO Cheered Its Ability to Derail the NLRB

By March 26, 2010Labor Unions

The AFL-CIO and other unions are demanding a recess appointment of SEIU attorney Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board, decrying the current two-member board for its inability to act.

In an op-ed in The Hill Thursday, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka sputtered:

It’s an outrage that a decision-making body so important to the basic rights of working people is crippled by vacancies. Because the appointment of board members has been deeply politicized and repeatedly blocked, the NLRB has had just two members for more than two years.

Man, oh, man, are these guys shameless.

Just two years, the AFL-CIO was celebrating its ability to prevent a full quorum on the NLRB, cheering the politicization of the appointment process.

From James Parks, AFL-CIO blog, March 27, 2008, “Workers’ Political Strength Helps Stall NLRB Assault on Rights“:

In recent months, our allies on Capitol Hill joined our campaign for a fair NLRB that does its job to protect workers’ freedom to join a union. Last November, workers across the country protested the ongoing assault on worker rights by the Bush-appointed NLRB, saying until a pro-worker labor board is appointed, the agency should be “closed for renovations.”

Now, it seems, workers have successfully stalled, if not derailed, the NLRB’s assault on workers’ rights until a new president can appoint new board members.

Yay! We shut it down! Yay!

Just shameless…

UPDATE 12:15 p.m.: The ChamberPost also delves into the writings of Becker’s union supporters and identifies the clear agenda behind their call for a recess appointment: He’ll use the NLRB to help preserve the political power and perks of Big Labor: “When it Comes to Craig Becker, Heed the Words of his Supporters.”

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