Health Care: Whatever You Do, Don’t Discuss the Substance

By March 19, 2010General, Health Care

UPDATE (3:53 p.m.): Talking Points Memo reports Democratic leadership saying the widely cited memo reported in Politico is a fraud. Politico has pulled the report until it can verify its accuracy.


This leadership memo instructs House Democratic communications staff how to handle questions and criticism of the CBO scoring of the health care bill.

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In other health care developments, the American Farm Bureau Federation has sent a letter to House members stating the organization’s strong opposition to the health care legislation. From the Farm Bureau’s news release:

In a letter sent Thursday to all members of the House, AFBF President Bob Stallman said the legislation’s “negatives of new taxes, mandates, growth in government programs and overall cost far outweigh its benefits.” Stallman said Farm Bureau strongly favors health care reform, but it must be “workable, sustainable and balanced against the overall cost of doing business.”

Stallman told lawmakers that America’s agricultural producers are trapped in a broken insurance marketplace with few options and high insurance costs. “Farmers and ranchers need market-based reform that lowers costs and increases choices for private health insurance,” Stallman wrote.

UPDATE (3:20 p.m.): Retail Industry Leaders Association opposes health care legislation. John Emling, senior vice president, is quoted in RILA’s news release.

RILA has actively supported and constructively engaged in the effort to reform America’s health care system to reduce costs and expand retailers’ ability to tailor the plans they offer to the unique needs of their employees; this legislation does neither. RILA urges members of Congress to oppose this bill, and to start over on a bill that better addresses the needs of employers and individuals alike.

Dow-Jones covers the developments, “US Business Groups Opposing Health Bill As Vote Nears.”

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