Employers for a Healthy Economy: Here’s the Message

By March 10, 2010General, Health Care

News coverage of the new ad campaign by Employers for a Healthy Economy — to which the National Association of Manufacturers belongs — used lots of combative terminology to describe the effort. Assault on Congress?

Well, OK. But judge yourself. Here are the ads, and here’s the text.

Americans still losing jobs… more businesses struggling…

We thought Washington understood.

But this week Congress is trying to use special rules…

to ram through their same trillion dollar health care bill.

Billions in new taxes… more mandates on businesses.

Health care costs will go even higher, making a tough economy… worse.

Washington’s not getting the message.

Tell Congress. Stop this health care bill we can’t afford to pay.

The business alliance issued a news release Tuesday, Business Coalition Releases New Television Ad on Health Care Legislation.”


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