Doing for Energy and the Economy What Health Care Reform…

By March 30, 2010Energy, Global Warming

Former Vice President Al Gore seizes on enactment of the health care law as the example of sweeping change he hopes to accomplish by limiting the emissions produced by economic activity.
In an e-mail to subscribers to the Repower America list, entitled, “The fierce urgency of NEXT,” the Veep says:

Health care reform is the law of the land, and its inspiring passage has made one thing clear: At this moment in America, sweeping change really is possible.

And sweeping change is exactly what it will take to address the climate crisis and fight for clean energy here at home and around the world.

That’s why we need to seize this new momentum right now. Repower America has a strong game plan to make this happen in the weeks ahead — but we can’t do it without your participation and your support.

In recognition of this crucial moment, a generous donor has agreed to match every gift we receive between now and midnight on March 31st dollar-for-dollar.

So donate now.

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