Card Check and NLRB, The Vice President Speaks to AFL-CIO

By March 2, 2010Economy, Labor Unions

The White House streamed the audio of Vice President Biden’s remarks Monday to the AFL-CIO’s Executive Council in Orlando, but we find no archived version or transcript. The AFL-CIO’s blog, usually eager to tout this sort of thing, offered just a brief report on the Veep’s most controversial pronouncements, “Biden to Executive Council: We Need A Middle Class.” Yikes!

Of the part of his remarks we heard, this was the relevant passage on the top issues of the day (from The Wall Street Journal):

In terms of the NLRB, we’re going to get it done. In the fight for EFCA, we’ve got to sit down and figure out where we go from here…. I think we’re going to get it done.

So, not much substance, nothing new. He spoke in vague terms about getting a Senate Republican to support the Employee Free Choice Act but moved on quickly to different topics.

Advocates for the recess appointment of SEIU attorney Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board must have been disappointed. The Vice President offered nothing along the lines of, “We need this man.”

In introducing Vice President Biden, the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka hailed the release of the White House’s Middle Class Task Force’s first report last week. Makes sense: Its content tracks closely with the political and policy lines of Big Labor, moreso than any other single document we’ve seen come from the White House.

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