Burning with Optimism’s Flames, Health Care

By March 17, 2010Health Care

A hot, new round-up of health care coverage gleaned from reading The Washington Post on the commute into work.

  • House Democrats’ tactic for health bill is debated“: “An obscure parliamentary maneuver favored by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) suddenly ignited Tuesday as the latest tinder in the year-long partisan strife over reshaping the nation’s health-care system, triggering debate over the strategy’s legitimacy and political wisdom.” A thorough report, although disappointing that the editors dropped the incendiary language after the first paragraph. No Democrats “burning with a passion” to enact health care, no Republicans “inflamed” by the tactics, no voters doing a “slow burn.” We’ll try to fix the oversight.
  • House Democrats scramble to ensure adequate deficit reduction in health bill”: “Congressional Democrats rushing to push President Obama’s health-care initiative to final passage this week hit a new snag Tuesday, as the final piece of the package was held up by concerns that it would do too little to reduce the nation’s budget deficit.” That’s not red ink, those are the rosy red cheeks of the little children, warmed by the fires of reform.
  • Republicans criticize Democrats’ plan to overhaul student lending “Republicans assailed a proposed overhaul of student lending Tuesday as a ‘government takeover,’ a ‘job killer’ and an ‘outrage,’ seeking to rally opposition to a Democratic measure that would cut private lenders out of the federal loan market. The measure is expected to be merged this week with a health-care bill and could come to a vote in the House by Saturday.” Feeding the flames of discontent, because the health care bill just didn’t do enough.
  • Rushing health reform could be a death wish“: “As Democrats consider shoving health-care reform through the House with a process known as ‘deem and pass,’ it is helpful to return to square one and ask: What, again, is the rush?”

Spring fever?

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