A Disappointing Approach on Health Care

By March 3, 2010Health Care

We are disappointed with the President’s approach to health-care reform he laid out today, both on process and substance. While the President included a few ideas intended to reduce costs (allowing medical providers to participate in fraud/abuse investigations) and to improve access (allowing health care plans with health savings accounts to be included in health exchanges), the proposal builds on a flawed foundation that increases costs for manufacturers. It does not address our key concern — long-term health care cost savings.

Further, the President’s comment on an “up and down” vote indicates that health care reform will not be completed in a bipartisan fashion — an approach the NAM has endorsed and recommended since the beginning of this effort. Manufacturers want health-care reform that includes the best ideas from both Democrats and Republicans. We believe health-care reform should protect what currently works in the health system, focus on long-term and sustainable reduction in health-care costs, and achieve more affordable health options.

Jeri Kubicki is NAM’s vice president for human resources policy.

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