A Battery of Good Issues

Just dropped over at the website for the Medical Device Manufacturers Association, www.medicaldevices.org, and find the MDMA to be engaged in the very same issues Shopfloor has been blogging on. Yes, not that big of a surprise — they’re manufacturers. But health care AND lithium battery shipping practices!

Relevant excerpts from the MDMA’s releases follow:

“House Health Care Bill Passes“: “MDMA is very concerned about the impact a $20B device tax will have on patient care, innovation and small businesses. If eliminating the tax is not possible, structuring it to provide relief for smaller companies is critical. Under the current structure, many companies will owe more in taxes than they generate in profits, requiring companies to lay off employees, cut R&D budgets and slow the development of new therapies that will improve the quality of care for all Americans. Moving forward, these issues must be addressed before the tax takes effect in 2013.”

“MDMA Submits Comments on Lithium Rule“: “MDMA submitted comments today on a proposed rule by the Department of Transportation that would limit the ability of medical devices and other products containing small lithium batteries to be transported by aircraft. Specifically, the rule would force a greater number of finished medical products to be classified as hazardous material, which would likely impede the ability for devices to reach patients in a timely fashion. MDMA acknowledged these concerns in the comment letter and further expanded upon the impact on small businesses.” The comments are available here.

MDMA Raises Concerns with Proposed International Tax Increases“: “MDMA, along with other trade and business groups around the country, signed a letter of opposition to Congress regarding a proposed increase in international tax provisions for manufacturers exporting products overseas.  The tax increases, included in the Administration’s FY2011 proposed Federal budget, would increase the tax burden for exporting companies by a collective $122 billion over the next 10 years.” The NAM also signed this letter.

(Hat tip: Area Development Online.)

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