Union Bosses Remain Committed to Jobs-Killing Card Check Bill

By February 1, 2010Labor Unions

Over the weekend Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO, made several media appearances to stress that big labor bosses remain steadfast in their commitment to pushing the jobs-killing Employee Free Choice Act in Congress, the public’s steadfast opposition notwithstanding.

On Bill Moyers Journal, Trumka stated that that the unions have 59 votes lined up in the Senate right now to pass the bill. It’s a strange count, much higher than ours. Does this statement from Mr. Trumka mean that Senator Blanche Lincoln has changed her mind and will vote for the bill? Will Sens. Evan Bayh and Ben Nelson do the same? We think that it’s wishful thinking from desperate labor leaders.

A comment made by Mr. Trumka during the “Last Word “ with CNN’s John King also seems intentionally vague. In the interview he said, “I think we’ll get health care done and I think we’ll get labor law reform done before the year’s up.” Done how? With Congressional action unlikely on the Employee Free Choice Act, perhaps he means enacting its provisions through the National Labor Relations Board. That’s why some in the U.S. are rushing through the nomination of AFL-CIO associate counsel Craig Becker to the NLRB, so the board’s new majority can indeed get “labor law reform done before the year’s up.”

The NAM is working with other employer groups to urge the Senate to reject the controversial nomination of Craig Becker to the NLRB. This morning a letter was sent to the Senate from 23 associations taking the rare step of opposing his nomination.

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