The Agenda for the Blair House Meeting on Health Care

By February 24, 2010Health Care

Via Politico:

1. Discussion:
a. The President will offer opening comments, followed by Republican and Democratic Members chosen by their colleagues.

b. They’ll then move to discussions around four themes:
i. Controlling costs – introduced by the President
ii. Insurance reforms – introduced by Secretary Sebelius
iii. Reducing the deficit – introduced by the Vice President
iv. Expanding coverage – introduced by the President

2. Logistics

a. Participants will be seated at tables in a hollow square setup. They’ll be identified with name cards.
b. There will be a leadership staff walk-through on Wednesday afternoon.

3. Timing

a. The meeting will begin at 10:00 am and run until about 4:00 pm.
b. There will be a break for lunch. Buffet lunch will be provided for guests.

4. Attendance

a. Not all participants have been named by leadership. We’ll make the full list available as soon as it’s final.

Governors are not invited, even though states run the Medicaid and children health insurance programs. In conversations around the National Governors Association meeting earlier this week, we heard a lot of unhappiness with the President’s handling of the health care issue vis a vis states and state budgets.

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