State of the State: Michigan

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm wins the prize among governors so far for referring to “manufacturing” or “manufacturer” 14 times in her State of the State address. The Democratic governor spoke Wednesday, and here are the first references from her speech, “A State in Transition: Crossing to the New Michigan Economy“:

Where the old Michigan economy was all about autos and manufacturing…the new Michigan economy is much broader: clean energy, life sciences – like bio-economy and medical devices – homeland security and defense, advanced- manufacturing, film and tourism.

We have steadily focused on the unique attributes that give Michigan a competitive advantage.

No state has the skilled workforce we do.

Nobody has the capacity and the manufacturing know-how we have.

Nobody has the natural resources – the forests, the diverse agriculture – the water…that we have.

Combine that with our great universities and colleges, and we’re using these unique assets to attract new companies and whole new industries.

That’s our competitive advantage.

We’re also battling to help our core industries survive the turmoil of a volatile, globalized economy.

We don’t have to choose between strengthening Michigan’s manufacturing industries and
diversifying our economy.

We have shown that we can do both. We are doing both.

Detroit News cartoonist and editorial writer Henry Payne delivered what amounts to a conservative rebuttal at The National Review, “Michigan’s Blueprint for America,” concluding:

In the new Michigan, perpetual public stimulus in the form of government-directed industrial policy means non-stop headlines for the chief executive as she picks winners and losers for “new jobs.” Redirecting commerce through the capital, the governor’s power profile grows even as the broader business climate chokes.

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