State of the State: Maryland

Gov. Martin O’Malley, a Democrat, delivered his State of the State speech in Annapolis Tuesday. As we continue our search for governors’ references to “manufacturing” and its variants, we find this in the Governor’s speech:

To rebuild and restore our economy, we must help our businesses create and save jobs. Jobs from innovation in science, security, and discovery. Jobs of noble and valuable service. Jobs that create and rebuild our vital connections of travel, trade, and business. Jobs that revitalize and restore our environment. Jobs in teaching, manufacturing, and healing – they all matter.

This month we concluded a nation-leading public/private partnership at the Port of Baltimore that will create 5,700 new jobs in construction and port operations; and just last week General Motors announced that it will build its new generation of electric hybrid engines in our State, in Baltimore County – creating new green manufacturing jobs and new opportunities. This job-creating partnership was only possible because of the investments of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, along with the strong actions of the State of Maryland, County Executive Jim Smith of Baltimore County, and businesses, and labor – all working together.

These are the remarks as prepared for delivery, with the unusual approach of including footnotes. Sixty-three footnotes!

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