No Medical Liability Reform, Trial Lawyers Say, Again

By February 15, 2010Briefly Legal, Health Care

The Hill previews the upcoming Blair House health care confabulorama in the context of medical liability reform, i.e., the possiblity of the President reaching out to Republicans by again making a gesture on tort reform. The trial lawyers say no way, man, he better not. From “Trial lawyers to Obama: Don’t deal on tort reform in healthcare negotiations.”

“I would hope this would be an area we just don’t go,” said Linda Lipsen, vice president for public affairs at the American Association for Justice, the trade group for trial attorneys.

Lipsen said. “The last thing Congress should be doing is eliminating people’s rights when the real issue is safety in hospitals.”

This is the sum of the American Association for Justice’s argument against tort reform: Costs of health care are not the issue, medical errors are the issue. It’s a false dilemma, an either/or choice that makes no logical sense.  In the real world you can actually address the frivolous lawsuits, exorbitant damage awards and the costs of defensive medicine AND hospital safety.

Also in The Hill, “White House snubs budget panel leaders in health summit invites“:

The White House did not invite House or Senate Budget Committee leaders to its healthcare reform summit later this month, including a Republican who recently offered to work with President Barack Obama to strike a bipartisan deal.

The White House letter of invitation to the Blair House meeting is here, and the list of invitees is here.

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