New Look Website, New Look Logo, New Look Signage, New Look!

By February 22, 2010Communications

All the work of many, many people has paid off. We’re pleased by the new look for the National of Manufacturers, and the website — — has all the modern communications conveniences.

“As the voice of all manufacturing in the United States, our mission is to achieve an economic environment that promotes job creation and encourages the expansion of manufacturing. We believe the new branding – communicated across all our media platforms – better reflects modern manufacturing, from the issues to the products to the people we represent,” said John Engler, president of the National Association of Manufacturers. “Manufacturing is the engine that drives the U.S. economy with high-paying jobs, innovation, opportunity and prosperity.”

“We developed the site with extensive input from NAM members and other key stakeholders. The result is a logo, brand and Web site that more effectively portray the face of modern manufacturing in the United States,” said Maureen Davenport, senior vice president of communications, National Association of Manufacturers. “Our brand and Web site were no longer reflective of modern manufacturing. Our new look really focuses on who we are and who we represent – manufacturers. And, the Web site significantly upgrades our Web-based communications, making it easier to locate information on policy issues and breaking news affecting all manufacturers in the United States.”

Here at, the look will stay the same for a little while longer, but changes are coming, you can be sure.

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