NAM Urges No Vote on Becker Nomination to NLRB

By February 9, 2010Labor Unions

With a Senate cloture vote scheduled for shortly after 5 p.m. today, the National Association of Manufacturers has reiterated its opposition to the nomination of Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board. From the NAM’s letter to U.S. Senators:

The NAM firmly believes that NLRB members charged with administering our nation’s labor
laws should protect the principles of fairness and balance that characterize our labor law system.
Employees should have the right to information from both employers and union officials and the time
to review that information in order to better make important decisions that impact their jobs and

Unfortunately, Mr. Becker’s interpretation of our labor laws does not reflect these principles
and cast serious doubt on his ability to administer our nation’s laws in an unbiased manner. We are
particularly concerned with Mr. Becker’s writings in academic journals that argue that the NLRB
should limit the ability of employers to communicate with their employees during union organizing
campaigns. Specifically, Mr. Becker has claimed in a 1993 Minnesota Law Review article that “the
core defect in union election law… is the employer’s status as a party to labor representation

Mr. Becker has asserted views that the NLRB should rewrite union election rules in favor of
union organizers. Such policy decisions should only be determined by Congress. The NAM is
particularly concerned that if confirmed, Mr. Becker would seek to advance aspects of the jobskilling
Employee Free Choice Act through actions of the NLRB.

Earlier this week hundreds of manufacturers expressed their concerns with this nomination to
the U.S. Senate. These employers recognize that the labor law changes that Mr. Becker seeks would
be harmful to their employees and would further promote adversarial employee relations. For these
reasons, we urge you to oppose the nomination of Craig Becker to serve as a member of the NLRB.

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