Jobs for America: The NextGen Component

By February 1, 2010Infrastructure

Marion C. Blakely, the president and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association, has taken note of the NAM’s new report from the Milken Institute, “Jobs for America,” including the analysis of the economic impact of NextGen, the advanced air transportation system, and aerospace manufacturing. From a statement:

Jobs for America says that more than 182,000 jobs could result from a $10.4 billion government investment in the Next Generation Air Transportation System.

NextGen is a solution at hand for our nation. The program is shovel ready and in addition to generating jobs will enhance the safety, security and environmental stewardship of our transportation system.

Jobs for America also calls out the value of aerospace manufacturing, which employs high-skilled labor and pays above average wages with an extensive value chain that stimulates many other manufacturing industries. According to our research, there are already 2,436 manufacturing, maintenance and installation facilities operating in every state of the union. Investment in NextGen will add more jobs to these already established and productive facilities.


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