Friday Factory Feeling: I Gotta Feeling

By February 5, 2010Friday Factory Tune

The cover of this month’s Popular Mechanics asks, “Can We Trust Robots?” with the set-up: “Humanoid machines are a sci-fi staple, but soon we’ll be meeting them face-to-face. In our February issue, we unpack what a future with real C-3POs means.” The trouble, the authors warn, is we might like robots too much.

As do the Black Eyed Peas:

Last week Grammys performance featured more dynamic, dancing robots, but there was too much “Imma be” before the poppier weirdness started. (For another view of the Oprah event, with its impressive flash mob choreography, go here.)

Robots have been on a hot streak in popular culture recently, and we don’t mean the fantastic yet tendentious “Avatar.”

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” has been playing on the nether channels of broadcast digital, with its excellent pulp era robots on display.

And timely, indeed: Sky Captain’s Spitfire is also a submersible fighter, and Popular Mechanics is reporting the unveiling of yet another cool machine: “Dreams of off-the-shelf high-speed personal submarines came closer to a reality today when Hawkes Ocean Technologies, the creator of the Super Falcon personal submersible, announced it would team up with Virgin Galactic entrepreneur Richard Branson to build the next-gen winged exploration vessel.”

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