Card Check: A White House Middle Class Task Force Priority

By February 26, 2010Economy, General, Labor Unions

From the White House’s annual report of the Middle Class Task Force, released today by Vice President Biden:

Protecting Workers and Creating Middle-Class Jobs. Access to good quality jobs, with fair compensation and stable benefits, is a key factor in building a strong middle class. The Administration’s most immediate imperative in this regard is to do all we can to jumpstart job creation. Building on some of the successes of the Recovery Act, the President has outlined a program to quickly generate job growth in small businesses, clean energy, and infrastructure. In addition, the Middle Class Task Force is focusing on the following initiatives to ensure that we create good jobs that can sustain a middle-class lifestyle and that workers are treated fairly:

••Passing the Employee Free Choice Act. To level the playing field for workers who want to form unions, the Administration is committed to passing the Employee Free Choice Act. The loss of bargaining power has been a factor in both the stagnation of middle-class earnings and the divergence of wage growth from productivity growth. Restoring the right to pursue collective bargaining in a more balanced environment would help middle-class workers get their fair share of the gains as the American economy recovers.

That’s on page v of the Executive Summary, so it’s one of the premises the Task Force started with as opposed to key finding and recommendation for moving forward. So consider it just boilertrap and clap-plate.

(Hat tip: U.S. Chamber’s Workforce Freedom Initiative)

UPDATE (2:40 p.m.): We jumped to post before reading through the whole report. On pages 23-24, the task force reaffirms and even elevates the Administration’s support for the anti-democratic Employee Free Choice Act: “Over the course of this year, the Task Force will continue to promote the benefits of union membership and to amplify the President’s message of the importance of EFCA as a way to guarantee workers who want to organize a fair chance to do so.”

Forced unionization is NOT a means to a more prosperous, stable middle class. Organized labor will applaud a renewed push for the Employee Free Choice Act in an election year, but the politics here only add to the uncertainty that discourages business investment.

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