Unions Committed to Passing the EFCA in the Long Term

By January 6, 2010Labor Unions

This week Liz Shuler, the new Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO, pleaded to the Labor and Employment Relations Association, “Help us fix the jobs crisis.” The NAM shares her concerns for our economy and recognizes one of her key points: “… union workers can only be successful if our companies are, so no one has a higher stake in their doing well.”

However,in laying out its agenda for economic growth, the labor group still states that its top, long-term priority is passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. In fact they claim it’s “the most important thing we must do…”

Passing card check will not help fix the “jobs crisis.” Despite stating their intentions to assist companies, their support for the card check legislation will not help create or retain jobs. In fact it will do the quite the opposite by promoting adversarial relationships between employers and employees. Labor leaders need to recognize, as many union members and Members of Congress have, that this legislation will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs in America and is not in the best interest of our shared economic future.

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