States of the State: New York

We continue our look at governors’ states of the state addresses for their references to “manufacturing” or “manufacturers.” Earlier posts on Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire and Kansas Gov. Mark Patterson are below:

New York Gov. David Paterson gave his State of the State address to a joint session of the Legislature on Thursday, Jan. 7. Paterson, a Democrat, became governor in March 2008 after the resignation of scandal-plagued Eliot Spitzer.

Paterson’s speech, entited “A Time to Rebuild,” contained many references to manufacturing. First, as part of the framing of the speech:

I come here today not to replay old grievances or in any way to reclaim lost ground. We come here to build. To build New York’s economy to a national model of ingenuity and strength. To build our people’s trust in the fiscal stability of our State. To build our manufacturing to meet the energy standards of this enlightened era. And most importantly, to build the trust that the people of New York once had in their State government.

And then as a framing for protocols:

Now, the third protocol in our desire to rebuild New York is that we bring our economy back to the greatness that it once held, with a focus on jobs for the New Economy; for manufacturing meeting the energy standards that we will need; for the whole idea of putting people back to work; and a commitment to helping New Yorkers raise themselves up.

And then as a framing for programs:

We will also go back to the historic manufacturing industry and make it whole again – with tax credits and also with retrofits for small businesses; with a reformed Power for Jobs Program; and a cutting-edge and groundbreaking concept of buying up, retrofitting, and reselling abandoned manufacturing sites.

In addition, we will not forget the hundreds of thousands of trades and manufacturing and construction job-holders, who will be vital to our revitalizing this process.


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