States of the State: Illinois

By January 15, 2010Around the States

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, a Democrat, gave his State of the State address on Wednesday in Springfield. (Transcript.) Here’s his sole, specific reference to manufacturing.

One thing about the sustainable economy, or the green economy, or investing in renewable energy, is it brings in jobs that create prosperity. Siemens, which is an internationally‐known company, came to Elgin this year. They’re building gears for these giant wind turbines, manufacturing it right in our own back yard. So we have to grab this opportunity and develop the green economy for jobs for the people of Illinois.

I think there are many other ways to do this. But I think it is important as we take a look at our economy to understand that jobs follow brainpower. And we can never forget that. That it’s very, very important for all of us in Illinois to invest in education, from beginning of life to the end of life. 

See also the office’s highlights. Apparently the Governor did not have a prepared text, instead speaking from notes. That’s very unusual and prompted  this columnist’s harsh critique.

Quinn became Governor last year after the impeachment of Rod Blagojevich.

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