States of the State and Manufacturing: Washington

We continue looking at governors’ addresses…

Gov. Christine Gregoire of Washington gave her State of the State address on Tuesday in Olympia, a speech heavy in state budget proposals, including cuts in government and unspecified tax increases.

Gregoire, a Democrat first elected in 2004, did not use the word “manufacturing” or its variant in her prepared text. As for the word “industry”:

[Here], ladies and gentlemen, is what I hear people say.

They tell me they are scared but they know things will get better. That we are on the cusp of a new economy. And that jobs will come from the growth industries of tomorrow in fields like clean energy, health care and technology.

More …

Washington has always been a state that attracts capital — both financial and intellectual. We need to keep that tradition going, and one way to do that is to stimulate capital investment in biotechnology, software development, health care, clean technology, renewable energy, aerospace and other industries that will drive our future.

The goal is to attract $2 billion in capital investments to fuel job growth.

And finally…

Our creation of the Life Sciences Discovery Fund in 2005 helped spark our global health initiatives and the biotechnology and medical devices industries.

To our benefit we have embraced a clean energy future. We now have 400 clean technology companies in Washington state. And we’re still growing.


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