States of the State and Manufacturing: Kansas

It’s the season for governors to give their state of the state addresses, usually speaking to joint sessions of their legislatures. The remarks almost always lay out an economic policy platform or specific initiatives that affect industry, worthy of attention. But for purposes of comparison, we thought it would be interesting to search for specific mentions of the words “manufacturing” or “manufacturers.”

Let’s throw in the word “industry” and its variations too, just to be fair.

Kanas Governor Mark Parkinson, a Democrat who became governor after Kathleen Sebelius joined by the Obama Administration as Secreteary of Health and Human Services, gave his address on Monday. Here’s the reference:

The second initiative that I want to propose is that we continue to move forward with energy policy in Kansas; 2008 was about building wind farms in Kansas, 2009 was about bringing wind manufacturing jobs and transmission to Kansas. Let’s make 2010 about making Kansas a national leader.  We should lead the country in renewable energy.

Here he speaks of “industry”:

Consider the aircraft industry. History’s greatest entrepreneurs formed this industry in Wichita.  They deserve the credit, but its growth depends on educational opportunities. It is Wichita State and schools that have produced the workforce that took those entrepreneurs dreams from just a vision to reality.  Make no mistake, our commitment to higher education is not just the right thing to do, it is great economic development.

The same can be said of our investment in our public schools.

Those are the references.

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