State of the State: New Hampshire

Gov. John Lynch of New Hampshire gave his State of the State address on Thursday, Jan. 21. He did mention “manufacturing,” the term we’ve been searching for in governors’ speeches this January (along with “industry”). In this case, the word was part of a company’s name included in the Democratic governor’s round-up of good things going on in business. From the transcript:

Let’s keep good companies and good jobs here in New Hampshire. We can and we will keep New Hampshire working.

Already we’re putting people to work repairing our roads, reconstructing water treatment plants, weatherizing 1,000 low-income homes a year, and helping businesses like Foss Manufacturing in Hampton lower their costs by becoming more energy efficient.

We must continue to grow the businesses and the jobs of the future here in New Hampshire.

We must keep New Hampshire taxes among the lowest in the nation. We should continue to ensure state government uses every dollar as efficiently as possible. We must ensure we have a skilled and trained workforce. And we must help entrepreneurs and new businesses compete and succeed.

Clean energy holds great potential for bringing new jobs to our state. Companies like GT Solar in Merrimack are already leaders in their fields. Other New Hampshire businesses are developing new products with tremendous promise.

Warner Power has created new transformers with the potential to save large amounts of energy. H&E High Efficiency Power Burners in Goffstown invented a way to retrofit boilers to make them more efficient, saving people 30 to 50 percent on their oil bills.

The governor also emphasized the state’s efforts in addressing the shortage of skilled workers, a recurring theme for governors’ this year.

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