State of the State: Missouri

Governor Jay Nixon on Wednesday delivered his State of the State address in Jefferson City, and it was a speech heavy on the importance of business to Missouri’s economy and citizens.

Nixon, a Democrat elected in 2008, did not use the word “manufacturing” or its variants, but did mention a manufacturing company: “Smith Electric Vehicles makes all-electric, zero-emission trucks. It’s building a new plant in Kansas City using our Quality Jobs incentives. That plant will create 200 jobs, and pump millions of dollars into the local economy.”

He also referred to industry and industries in the context of his “Training for Tomorrow” initiative:

I’ve proposed a 20 percent increase in funding for customized training programs tailored to the needs of specific high-tech industries. By matching industry’s needs with training programs, more Missourians will be able to find work quickly.

And with respect to tax incentives:

We’re putting $15 million into an effort to give the housing industry a boost and help more Missourians afford the American Dream.

If you want to buy a house in 2010, the state will pick up your property taxes for the first year, for up to $1,250. And we’re offering another $500 in tax relief if you make that house more energy efficient.

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