State of the State: Alabama

By January 16, 2010Around the States, Energy

Gov. Bob Riley of Alabama gave his State of the State address on Tuesday, Jan. 12, and like others, he did not specifically mention the words “manufacturing” or “manufacturers.”

But the Republican governor did emphasize industries and manufacturing jobs in his list of successes the state recorded last year.

At career centers across the state, we’re helping displaced workers learn new job skills, re-train for high-tech jobs and qualify for jobs that are ready to be filled. We’ve awarded millions in economic stimulus funds to help create jobs in the construction industry.

And, of course, we’ll never stop aggressively pursuing new jobs and helping existing industries to expand. During the last seven years, work done by the Alabama Development Office and our local partners has resulted in 143,000 announced new jobs. Even now during this recession, we’ve continued to see successes:

100 new jobs in the Shoals with Wise Alloys
200 with INZI Controls in Elba
240 at the Toyota engine plant in Huntsville
300 with SurModics in Birmingham
1,000 new jobs coming to Mercedes
3,600 at Kia supplier plants across the state
5,800 coming to south Alabama with HK Motors

And 10,000 new jobs arriving here on schedule because of our incredible success with BRAC.

The governor’s referring to military facilities that expanded — with new jobs — thanks to the Base Retention and Alignment Commission’s recommendations. The latest example is a new training facility for the U.S. Army Materiel Command Band at Redstone Arsenal.

Riley speech struck a different course than the other governors we’ve read in our review of State of State addresses. Not once did he mention clean energy, renewable energy, green jobs or the like — basic talking points for the others. And he spent a great deal of his speech denouncing gambling.

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