Sources Say President to Renominate Becker to NLRB

By January 6, 2010Labor Unions

The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein blogs that “two sources with knowledge of the situation told HuffPost” that President Obama intends to renominate executive branch and judicial nominees the Senate returned to the White House on Dec. 24. That’s a precise attribution, eh? Not “White House sources” but “sources with knowledge of the situation.” Well, it would hardly come as a surprise for President Obama to stick by the people he thought were worth nominating in the first place.

We’d hope he’d at least reconsider Craig Becker, the SEIU counsel and card check apologist nominated to serve on the National Labor Relations Board. (See our Dec. 27 post.) It’s not as if the SEIU lacks access to the Administration to speak on important policy issues, right?

P.S. Michael Whitney at the lefty blog Firedoglake reports that Becker has been renominated, using Stein’s report as the source. Look again.

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