Science-faulty Campaign against Ozone Will Choke the Economy

By January 19, 2010Energy, Regulations

Jay Ambrose, a veteran Washington journalist now in Colorado, reports that the investigations on which the EPA has based its proposed ozone rule on are “deeply flawed and quite possibly ideological hokum.” And if implemented, the results will prove onerous. From “Smog war will ruin economy“:

Among other measures reported, it would tighten regulations on farming and construction, require gasoline stations to sell cleaner fuel, further curb emissions in power plants, oil refineries and factories, which adds enforcement costs to state and local government.

The final determination is due in August, but eventually it will mean higher energy prices and local and state taxes. Workers can count on fewer jobs. Many small businesses can count on a riskier future. Manufacturers can count on less productivity and competitiveness. And any state that does not go along can count on the disappearance of its federal highway funds.

For more on the EPA’s proposed ozone reg, see these earlier posts.

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