Reformist Zeal, Overreach and Uncertainty

Nice piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by columnist Len Boselovic on how the reformist zeal of the Obama Administration creates uncertainty and anxiety in the business community. From “Business: Rules of the game have changed“:

[There] is no doubt a host of new laws and regulations are coming that businesses will have to respond to. Uncertainty over what the new rules will look like is fueled in part by the biblical proportions of some of the proposals, including the 2,000-page plus health care reform measure.

“Who knows what’s in that law when it passes because it’s like 30 pounds and inches thick,” said Don A. Linzer of Schneider Downs, a Downtown firm that counsels clients on accounting, tax and other issues.

National Association of Manufacturers President John Engler has read enough to know he doesn’t like it.

“This bill raises costs for manufacturers at a time they can’t afford it,” the former Michigan governor said of the Senate proposal.


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