Inaugural Address: New Jersey and a Better Business Climate

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey was sworn into office at noon Tuesday and delivered his inaugural address to a joint session of the Legislature. It was a relatively brief, scene-setting speech with few programmatic details, and the Republican did not mention “manufacturing,” “industry,” or related words.

He certainly had something to say about fixing the state’s business climate, though. From the text, as prepared:

The era of runaway spending and higher and higher taxes has not worked. We have the largest budget deficit per person of any state in the Union. We have the highest tax rates in the nation. We have the highest unemployment rate in over a quarter century. Our economy is stagnant and our people are suffering under the burden government has placed on them. And we cannot continue to mortgage our future if we hope to improve it.

Today, we are taking a new direction. Today, a new era of lower taxes and higher growth will begin.

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