In Maui, Just a Whole Lot of Targets to be Sued

By January 30, 2010Briefly Legal

The national trial lawyers’ association, the American Association for Justice, opens its winter convention in Maui today. It’s been a busy year for the AAJ and their members, lobbying (so far successfully) to keep any meaningful tort reform out of health care legislation being considered by Congress.

We don’t begrudge anyone their conventions, board meetings, cocktail parties and fundraisers. Still, the AAJ’s activities are rarely covered by the major media despite the group’s impact on the economy, business climate, legislation and the American legal system.

So for context, below is a list of some of the workshops and litigation group meetings scheduled at the convention. Litigation groups are AAJ-recognized groups of attorneys who specialize in litigation against a particular product or industry.

We’ve only included meetings that had .pdf agenda attached to the session. The entire convention program is much longer and includes other litigation groups and activities.

And for more on the convention in Maui, the politicians who are attending, and other AAJ machinations, see our posts at the Point of Law blog.

Advocacy Track Monday — Persuasion
Advocacy Track Tuesday — Persuasion
Byetta Litigation Group
Chantix Litigation Group
Civil and Employment Section
Fosamax Litigation Group
Heart Devices Litigation Group
Interstate Trucking Ltigation Group
Litigation at Sunrise [This one’s especially informative in a brief, 10-minute kind of way.] Pain Pump Litigation Group

Specialized Track Saturday — Financial Fraud
Advocacy Track Wednesday — Negotiations
Advocacy Track Saturday — Making Plaintiffs Case
Nursing Home Litigation Group
Specialized Track Monday — Social Networks.
Specialized Track Tuesday — Pharmaceutical Litigation
Taser Litigation Group
Class Action Litigation Group
Heparin Litigation Group
Levaquin Litigation Group
Federal Tort Section

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