Dorgan: No Cap & Trade, Gulf Drilling OK with Military Activity

By January 19, 2010Energy

Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) participated in a conference call on energy and national defense issues today, and a strong case was made for policies that encourage U.S. energy security and economic growth. Reuters spots this news:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan said on Tuesday he did not think the Senate would pass climate change legislation this year, but instead would focus on separate energy legislation that would require more electricity supplies to be generated from renewable sources and expand offshore drilling into the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

This is newsy because Sen. Dorgan is making a prediction AND he’s a member of the Senate Democratic leadership. More coverage …

The impetus for today’s call was a new report issued by the group, Securing America’s Future Energy, “Eastern Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Exploration and Military Readiness.” The summary states:

The paper, produced in collaboration with Commonwealth Consulting Corporation, led by Col. Martin Sullivan, USMC (Ret.), concludes that there is no credible evidence that expanded oil and natural gas exploration and development in the Eastern Gulf would adversely affect military missions in that area.

Specifically, the report examines earlier claims of potential impacts (which were made prior to the Defense Department putting into place systems to evaluate such claims), assesses rates of usage by the United States military in the affected areas, explains current methods of controlling airspace and surface actions in the Gulf, and analyzes encroachment factors. It concludes that the Pentagon until very recently had no systematic tools for measuring the effect outside factors had on training and testing, and now that those tools are being put into place, they are clearly showing that oil and natural gas production will not encroach on the military missions in the Gulf.

The full report is here. Coverage:

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