Card Check: Drop It Already

By January 20, 2010Labor Unions

In the aftermath of yesterday’s election in Massachusetts there have been much speculation on how organized labor groups will respond in light of public repudiation of their agenda. BusinessWeek reports AFL-CIO’s Bill Samuels commenting, “Labor leaders are ‘taking stock’ of their agenda today.”

You would hope so.

The message sent by voters in Massachusetts, one echoing across the country, is that the public wants Washington to slow down and do things differently. Labor leaders have insisted all through this Congress that the anti-democratic Employee Free Choice Act is their No. 1 priority, recently claiming again that the bill would pass in the first quarter of this year. But recent polling and the last night’s results – better than any poll — show no public desire for EFCA and the forced unionization it would bring.

Roll Call further reports unnamed union officials saying they plan to “resume closed-door negotiations with Democratic Congressional leaders later this week to discuss the status of EFCA and the now-fragile health care legislation.”

Discussions, OK, but negotiations? The better choice for workers, the economy, and to demonstrate respect for the public is to shelve the Employee Free Choice Act. Even if it’s the unions’ priority, it’s not America’s.

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