AFL-CIO’s Political Director: Achieve Card Check through NLRB

By January 27, 2010Labor Unions

Politico reports, “Labor helps kills its own priority,” the priority being the anti-democratic Employee Free Choice Act. The story quotes Karen Ackerman, the AFL-CIO’s political director, on the Massachusetts Senate race where more union members supported Scott Brown, the Republican victor, than Martha Coakley, the Democrat.

Ackerman is also cited making this point:

Now, Ackerman said labor leaders are trying to scope out the best way forward. Among their options: trying to win changes through the National Labor Relations Board and revisiting the small number of Republicans who sympathized with labor’s complaints but didn’t support the original version of the legislation.

“It’s a critical issue and we intend to keep on fighting for it,” she said. But “I think there has not yet been laid out a clear strategy of how to win on the Employee Free Choice Act.”

Hence the AFL-CIO’s support for the nomination of Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board, where he could work to enact the Employee Free Choice Act administratively.  Becker is, of course, a legal counsel for the AFL-CIO and SEIU.

Here’s what the NLRB might do administratively:

  • Implement “quick snap” union representation elections that would significantly limit the ability of employers to discuss union membership with their employees;
  • Make rulings to limit the ability of employers to determine who is eligible to vote in such elections;
  • Expand the scope of employer requirements to turn over employee names, addresses and phone numbers during organizing drives; and
  • Require that union organizers have greater access to employees on worksites during organizing campaigns.

Becker has gone even further in his writings, arguing that employers should have NO role whatsoever when unions try to organize their businesses.

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