A Narrow View of America’s Working Men and Women

ABC News reports on the White House negotiations with Congressional leaders that now seem set to give big labor an exemption from the Senate’s proposed excise tax on high value insurance plans. Included is a comment from White House spokesman Robert Gibbs:

Obviously the president met a few days ago with representatives from labor unions all over the country who are a concerned about the structure of the tax impacting their working men and women. The president has obviously a strong desire to see a bending in the cost curve for health care. But while at the same time not impacting working men and women. Those meetings have taken place in order to find some sort of compromise that does not impact working men and women, while at the same time takes responsible actions to ensure that the amount of money that people are paying for health care, that we change the direction of that.

Our emphasis. Maybe it’s just inartful phrasing, but one could read into Gibbs’ comment: If you are represented by a union, you are a working man or woman. If not, impact away!

The Heritage Foundation’s Morning Bell started the day with a good review of all the breaks for organized labor stuffed into the health care bill. The post concludes:

Big Labor’s high wages and inflexible work rules have already bankrupted our nation’s once proud automobile industry. Across the country, their early retirement and exorbitant pensions are bankrupting states. The health insurance excise tax was once the signature health care spending cost cutter of Obama’s entire health care plan. Now it has been gutted at the altar of Big Labor power. The big loser in all of these cases is you, the American taxpayer.


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