White House Jobs Forum, A Useful Enough Discussion

Reuters has a good nuts-and-bolts piece on today’s White House Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth, scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m. “FACTBOX: Obama’s jobs forum on Thursday” reports that both President Obama and Vice President Biden speak to kick things off.

The National Association of Manufacturers sent a letter to the President yesterday outlining specific policies that could promote jobs creation. Excerpt:

We at the NAM stand ready to assist you in advancing a growth and jobs strategy that
builds on a strong manufacturing base to serve our entire nation. In recent weeks you have
emphasized the importance of exports in ensuring domestic growth, and we heartily endorse the necessary action to promote world trade. Tax policy must also figure prominently in any growth strategy, as the United States continues to be disadvantaged by having the second highest statutory corporate tax rate in the industrialized world.

For the White House Forum to focus most effectively on creating jobs and long-term economic growth, the NAM recommends it emphasize transportation and energy infrastructure. Investments in these areas not only create jobs, they also help build a foundation for U.S.
competitiveness. They belong at the heart of any jobs and growth strategy.

With 130 attendees and six break-out sessions, today’s forum reminds us of the March 5th “White House Forum on Health Reform.” That gathering had about 140 outside participants and five break-out sessions. Did that forum achieve anything?

That confab came early in the Obama Administration, so it was especially useful as an introduction to the White House’s views of the players and issues. Today’s forum? There are plenty of good topics on the agenda — exports, for example — and exchange of ideas is often helpful.

Coverage …

Not very much online at WhiteHouse.gov about the event, like a full list of attendees. We’ll post it when the White House does.

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