Voters Continue to Oppose Card Check Legislation

By December 18, 2009Labor Unions

Recent polling by the Workforce Fairness Institute shows that voters in Colorado and Nevada oppose the jobs-killing Employee Free Choice Act and are increasingly concerned with the state of our economy.

As the Las Vegas Sun highlights the feeling of Nevada voters on the bill:

The poll showed 57 percent of respondents oppose changing the way unions are organized and 64 percent oppose allowing mandatory arbitration to settle organizational disputes between workers and managers, as is proposed under the bill.

The Hill newspaper also notes that this polling shows that voters in Colorado oppose the bill and the proposed government takeover of wages and benefits that would result:

When read a description of EFCA, 66 percent of Coloradans said they’d prefer a candidate who would vote against the union organizing bill, compared to 29 percent who said they would prefer a candidate who supports the “card check” bill.

This data should send a strong message to Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senator Michael Bennet that voters in their states are focused on improving our economy and are not interested in radically overhauling our nation’s labor laws. It’s time for all Senators to finally take away the threat of this jobs-killing proposal and oppose card check legislation in any form.

Keith Smith

Keith Smith

Senior Vice President at National Association of Manufacturers
Keith Smith serves as senior vice president of public affairs and mobilization at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). He helps lead the association’s issue advocacy campaigns as well as the NAM’s national grassroots advocacy network.
Keith Smith

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