The NAM Reacts to the EPA’s Endangerment Finding

Keith McCoy, vice president for Energy and Resources Policy, issued a statement on behalf of the National Association of Manufacturers in reaction to the Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement of an endangerment finding, “NAM Says EPA Endangerment Finding Will Hurt Manufacturers’ Competitiveness.” Excerpt:

The EPA is moving forward with an agenda that will put additional burdens on manufacturers, cost jobs and drive up the price of energy. This finding comes when unemployment is hovering at 10 percent, and many manufacturers are struggling to stay in business. It is doubtful that this endangerment finding will achieve its stated goal, but it is certain to come at a huge cost to the economy.

Our nation needs a comprehensive federal policy that will achieve environmental results without inflicting unnecessary economic harm. This is a complex issue that deserves a rigorous, public and transparent debate in Congress.

By forcing manufacturers to meet unrealistic goals and placing burdensome costs on them, the EPA is hurting America’s competitiveness.

That, and it’s one of the greatest bureaucratic power grabs in the history of the United States.

From the EPA:

The NAM’s Bryan Brendle attended the briefing this afternoon and reports that questions about Climategate were simply dismissed. (See his Twitter posts here.) Administrator Lisa Jackson also broke away during the presentation, having to fly off to Copenhagen.

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