Social Media, Manufacturing, Health Care and Liquefied Natural Gas

By December 18, 2009Energy, Health Care

From Association BisNow, “Homepage is Where the Heart is“:

Yesterday, 185 of you climbed out of your cyber caves for our first association event on social media strategies at BLT Steak. Thanks to our sponsors: office furniture dealer MOI, human resources outsourcer TriNET, and business and financial service provider CBIZ.

Social media is becoming a primary form of communication, says National Association of Manufacturers brand and digital media VP Christian Moritz. The trick is to find a way to provide content with a unique, edgy, or funny perspective. Christian, who previously led marketing campaigns for Pepsi, Heinz, and Coors suggests YouTube for explaining complex policy issues to the masses in an easy to digest way. NAM created one such animation video explaining the health care reform bill as a summer picnic. It also posts vids of “Cool Stuff Being Made” (like chocolate, helicopters, and flashlights) to promote US manufacturing.

Come to think of it, that video remains timely.

To close on a uniquely unedgy note, posting at now slows as we begin the holiday hiatus. There will probably be reports from Oregon again, including updates on LNG. Here’s timely, positive news from The Wall Street Journal, “Federal Regulators Authorize Jordan Cove LNG Terminal In Oregon.” Oregon is, of course, planning to appeal, because the 11.2 percent unemployment rate shows insufficient commitment to the anti-energy lifestyle.

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