Prosperity Signs Everywhere

By December 15, 2009Economy

International Herald Tribune, “Prosperity’s Signs Everywhere“:

In a symposium contributed by members of the National Association of Manufacturers to the December number of the “American Industries,” the official organ of the association, the opinions given show that this country has returned to a condition of normal prosperity. In addition to the symposium, the magazine contains an article by John Kirby, Jr., president of the National Association of Manufacturers. “The Revival of Trade,” the article in which Mr. Kirby summarizes the indications of increasing prosperity, outside of the manufacturers’ reports, follows, in part: “It is quite within the bounds of conservatism to say that to-day, practically, two years after our so-called panic, the country has reached a condition of normal prosperity.”

Albeit this comes from a 1909 report of the International Herald Tribune recalled in today’s New York Times’s feature, “100, 75, 50 Years Ago.” The panic Kirby is referring to is the Panic of 1907, resolved in great part through the private-sector efforts of banker J.P. Morgan.

And in 1959, India accuses China.

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