On Drug Reimportation, Safety and Historical Allusions

By December 11, 2009Health Care, Trade

A salute to the anonymous headline writer at National Journal’s CongressDaily for today’s “Democrats Disagree On How To Untie The ‘Dorgian Knot’.” Very smart, although of course you don’t untie that knot, you cut it through in a single slice.

Or, one hopes, leave it tied.

The story is subscription only, so we’ll direct you to The Washington Times and its lead story today, “Democrats clash over Obama deal to aid drug firms“:

The health care debate ground to a halt Thursday over a squabble among Democrats that could threaten the deal President Obama struck with pharmaceutical companies to earn their support for the health care overhaul.

Sen. Byron L. Dorgan, North Dakota Democrat, wants the Senate to vote on his plan to allow prescription drugs to be imported to the United States, saying it will cut costs for American consumers. But some Democratic senators are fighting that move as they, the Obama administration and drug companies say the safety of foreign-made drugs can’t be verified.

The NAM last week sent a “Key Vote” letter to the Senate opposing the Dorgan amendment for safety reasons.  Importing drugs from countries where government impose price control also effectively imports those controls, discouraging investment and research.

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P.S. Next challenge to the headline writer: Find a subject where you can write, “Crossing the ‘Rubiconrad’.”

UPDATE (3 p.m.): From Heritage Foundation, “The Latest Senate Debate on Drug Reimportation: The Outcome Could Kill You

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