Mitch Daniels: Never Walk Away from the Manufacturing Base

From an Indianapolis Star interview with Gov. Mitch Daniels earlier in the month:

Q: What’s Indiana’s next big thing in business?

A: I’ll just give some candidates; the market is going to tell us. The electric car could be one. We’re a perfect place for it. . . . Wind energy is another.

We must never walk away from the manufacturing base that’s made us strong.

Daniels says he cannot fault the President and Congress’ efforts to stimulate the economy, although he wishes the stimulus bill had included more infrastructure and fewer pet projects. As for the rest of the Administration’s economic agenda:

I think the health-care bill is not only a terrible distraction from jobs and what really matters right now, but it would be a crushing blow to small business, just very ill-advised. I really hope Congress will step back from it.

Cap and trade (to cut carbon emissions) is just simply a disaster. It’s senseless. Even if — we don’t know this, we don’t — but even if manmade activity may someday in decades raise the world’s temperature, this bill won’t affect that. It will impose enormous costs. It’ll double utility rates in this state.

(Hat tip: Yuval Levin.)

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