Letter to the President on Copenhagen, Damaging Commitments

By December 18, 2009Economy, Energy, Global Warming

On Tuesday, the National Association of Manufactures and our state allied associations in 29 states wrote President Obama before his trip to the København climate confab. Excerpt from the letter:

As our country struggles to emerge from the longest and deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression, we are opposed to any commitments that would give an edge to overseas competitors at the expense of domestic investment and job growth in the United States. Moreover, we are concerned that the competitive damage would be especially severe if the United States acts unilaterally while other manufacturing economies do not limit their own emissions.

Mr. President, we respectfully ask that you not make any international commitments that cost American jobs, raise energy prices for American businesses and consumers, or set our nation on a course contrary to our best economic interests.

Thanks to Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review’s The Corner blog for taking note.

And, a quick look around recent news reports finds:

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