‘Judicial Hellholes’ Report Highlights Unfair, Jobs-Killing Courts

By December 15, 2009Briefly Legal, Economy

The American Tort Reform Foundation this morning released its annual Judicial Hellholes® report, one of the best overviews of the failings, excesses and even criminality of the U.S. civil justice system as manifested at the state and local level.

From the news release:

Washington, DC, December 15, 2009 — The American Tort Reform Foundation today released its annual Judicial Hellholes®report, naming some of the nation’s “most unfair civil court jurisdictions,” including first-time “Hellholes” New York City and the appellate courts of New Mexico, which join perennials South Florida, West Virginia, Cook County, Illinois, and Atlantic County, New Jersey.The report also cites several “Watch List” jurisdictions that are on the cusp – “they may fall into the Hellholes abyss or rise to the promise of Equal Justice Under Law” – in California, Alabama, and former Hellholes in the Rio Grande Valley and Gulf Coast of Texas, Madison County, Illinois, and Jefferson County, Mississippi. …

“Lawsuit abuse continues to have a negative impact on both the nation’s economy and its health care system,” began ATRF president Tiger Joyce. “Every dollar spent defending against a groundless lawsuit is a dollar that won’t be spent on research and development, capital investment, worker training or job creation. Unfortunately for those living in Hellholes jurisdictions during this economic downturn, it can be that much harder to find or keep a job and get critical health care services as employers and doctors are driven away by the threat of costly litigation.”

The full report is available here as a download. It’s an excellent read.

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